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AFX Prop Firm Monitoring Tool

AFX Prop Firm Monitoring Tool

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✓ Monitor Average Lot Size
✓ Set Lot Size Consistency's Range (e.g. 0.25x - 2x)
✓ Lot Size Suggestion for Next Trade 
✓ Check % of Profit for Largest Trade
✓ Notifications Delivered to MT4 App

Getting funded at one of our pre-approved HFT firms is just the first step. With the introduction of HFT firms, increasing your AUM is easy. However, in order to get payouts effectively, traders will need to strictly follow each individual firm's rule. Some firms, for example Nova Funding, have a lot size consistency rule of 0.25-2x of the average lot size. KortanaFX, for example, has the same rule, with an additional profit consistency rule not amounting to >50% in one trade. 

With AscendFX's Prop Firm Monitoring Tool, you need not calculate the consistency for lot sizes or profits made, because this EA does it all for you.

*Get this EA for FREE if you get a HFT passing service and leave a verified Trustpilot review! 

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Getting funded and unlocking more trading capital to increase your AUM is just the first step.
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