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AFX Prop Firm Passer

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Each license can be activated on up to TEN unique IP addresses, and on unlimited MT4 accounts.

✓ 91% Pass Rate
✓ Trades with TP & SL
✓ Trailing Stop Loss
✓ Forced Exit (%)
✓ 4% Max Drawdown
✓ Intelligent Risk Management
✓ Perfect for Prop Firm Challenge & Funded Accounts
✓ Comes with Setup Guide

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Our most advanced EA yet.

After several months of hardwork and testing, AscendFX is proud to announce our cutting-edge robot designed specifically to excel in prop firm challenges.

Introducing our best coded EA yet - the AFX Prop Firm Passer EA.

maximum drawdown

Limited to 4%.

This remarkable robot boasts robust risk management capabilities. On the recommended low-risk settings, it can successfully navigate a challenge within a timeframe of 45 to 60 days.

Even in adverse market conditions, our EA is able to keep to a maximum drawdown of 4%, and users will have the option of changing the forced exit settings to lower risk parameters. This intelligent EA is equipped with diverse strategies, with multiple confluences for each trade taken, tailored for both prop firm challenge and funded accounts. 

This EA trades 3 currency pairs only - GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURNZD.
Trade just one, or all three at the same time, it's up to you.

trade like the banks

Strategy, refined.

Our advanced EA utilises multiple strategies evident in historical market structure, maximising successful trades backed by extra confluences.

Elliott Triple Combo Wave
Elliott Double Combo Wave
Elliott Impulse Wave
3 Drives Pattern
XABCD Pattern
Fib Resistance Fan

configure it your way.

One Robot, Infinite Variations.

Our intelligent EA robot designed specifically to tackle prop firm challenges with minimal risk, maximum upside.

From strategy settings, to drawdown limits, this EA has everything you need to pass the challenge.

The possibilities are endless. Set it up just the way you like.

top-tier Prop firms

You name it, it does it.

However, we recommend this bot for reputable firms like FTMO, which impose no restrictions on strategy implementation or EA usage, with unlimited time for trading. With our AFX Prop Firm Passer EA, you can now increase your AUM and manage funded accounts.

At AscendFX, we believe in transparency, and we do not hide behind manipulated data. Instead, all drawdowns and profits are showcased in full.

In fact, feel free to see our results from both back and forward testing below:

Backtesting Results

Over here, you may find the backtested results for the entire year of 2023.
Results are based on tick data, in cadence of every two (2) months, with full drawdown faced during high-impact news (NFP, CPI, FOMC, etc.) so that you know which months is more ideal for the EA.

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Verified MyFXBook Results

Track our latest results on a 100K Account here on MyFXBook, automatically updated on a daily basis.


here's what others are asking

Frequently Asked Questions

What pairs does it trade?

The AFX Prop Firm Passer EA only trades three (3) pairs - GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURNZD.

Choose between any of these pairs to trade with, or trade with all 3 pairs at the same time - it's up to you.

However, take note that trading more pairs at the same time means an increased risk to the markets, so the parameters should be lowered accordingly in terms of lot sizes and maximum risk.

Can the bot be used for all firms?

In theory, yes. You may use this bot on all prop firms and brokers.

However, it is recommended to use it with top-tier, reputable firms like FTMO & True Forex Funds.

*If you intend to use this for HFT firms, you technically can, but why do so when we can pass you in 1 day?

What is the Maximum Drawdown?

Through our various forward and backtesting, the EA has a max drawdown of 4%.

Users will have the option of enabling the "Forced Exit" setting in the EA which forcefully stops the EA from trading, if the drawdown ever crosses a set drawdown threshold.

How long will it take to pass a challenge?

The result is highly dependent on the market, and the trader's risk appetite. In general, it should take on average ~40-60 trading days.

Here is a timeline for your rough estimation:

  • Low Risk (Recommended): ~60 trading days
  • Normal Risk: ~40-45 trading days
  • High Risk (Not Recommended): ~15-20 trading days

Does the bot work on live accounts?

Most definitely.

Demo, live, prop firm challenge or funded accounts, it works well across the board.

The efficacy of the bot is not affected.

However, for optimal performance, tight spreads and a dedicated VPS with good latency is highly recommended.

What's the minimum deposit for a live account?

We recommend at least $5,000 to allow the EA provide results.

However, the bare minimum would be $1,000.

What leverage do I need?

Leverage for live accounts should be at least 1:100.

Anything beyond that is not really necessary, and you will instead be over-leveraging.

What is your Refund Policy?


All sales are considered final as our team painstakingly coded this EA from scratch over several months. With proper risk management, it is almost impossible to fail a challenge.

What is the license limit?

A purchase of the EA comes with a Lifetime License.

Each Lifetime license entitles you to activate the EA on up to TEN (10) unique IP addresses, and can be used on an unlimited amount of MT4 accounts.

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