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Unlock trading capital at the prop firm of your choice and maximise your profits today. 100% Guaranteed.

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Access capital you deserve.

According to insights from FTMO, only 10% of traders successfully navigate their challenge to complete the evaluation and verification. However, with the introduction of HFT-enabled prop firms, AscendFX's passing service guarantees you the capital you deserve with a 100% pass rate.

  • 100% Pass Rate

    With our cutting-edge HFT service, we guarantee you access to the funded capital you deserve to elevate your trading journey.

  • 100+ Clients Passed

    Till date, we have helped many individuals realise their goals of trading with a funded account to maximise their potential profits.

  • Up to $1,000,000

    Our guaranteed prop firm passing service encompasses challenge account sizes ranging from $10,000 up to US$1,000,000.

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Trading, redefined.

At AscendFX, we understand how difficult the struggles traders face can be, especially at the start. We aim to assist aspiring traders to achieve profitability and financial breakthrough with our services.


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HFT Passing Service

Get funded.

Unlock up to US$1,000,000 of trading capital to supercharge your trading at any of our pre-approved prop firms of your choice, with a 100% Pass Guaranteed.

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VIP ICT Signals

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Trading can be tough, and time-consuming.

Join AscendFX's VIP Signals for live, profitable signals by one of the best ICT traders in the market, delivered in real-time.

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Automate your trading.

Take advantage of AI and complex algorithms that has been meticulously programmed according to true market structure and conditions.

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