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Automate your prop firm challenges with a maximum risk of 4%, all with our most advanced EA yet.

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That's the percentage of traders that fail their prop firm challenges.

As stated on our homepage, FTMO, the leader in the prop trading industry, disclosed that only a mere ~10% of individuals who enroll in their challenge successfully navigate through it.

This indicates that a staggering 90% of traders fail to meet the requirements to pass the evaluation.

  • Time

    The amount of time invested into actually passing the challenge can be draining on your trading psychology, when it takes too long.

  • Effort

    The amount of effort spent on passing the challenge can be tiring, and can instead be better spent on a real, funded account.

  • Stress

    Traders face emotional and mental stress that throughout the duration of the challenge, often affecting their trading decisions.

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We understand the frustration of failing prop firm challenges like FTMO, or any other similar prop firm, as we faced multiple setbacks ourselves initially.

However, we persevered for several months to provide to the masses a solution.

We've finally developed an automated trading system that meticulously adheres to prop firm challenge trading rules while consistently achieving the profit target in a safe, and reliable manner.

Don't quit, not yet.

You can still get funded.

Sometimes, people give up just before they find success. But that won't be you today.

One of the quickest ways to propel your forex trading journey is gaining access to a funded account that gives you a larger capital pool that would otherwise be inaccessible.

If you've previously encountered setbacks in prop firm challenges, or are apprehensive due to the high failure rate, you may now rest assured.

Unlock access to our most advanced automated trading system yet, which effortlessly navigates prop firm challenges on your behalf, requiring little to no manual intervention.


*Licenses are limited - we only take a few per week.