Prop Firm Passing Services by AscendFX: Your Gateway to Getting Funded

Prop Firm Passing Services by AscendFX: Your Gateway to Getting Funded

As a trader aiming to maximize their assets under management (AUM), getting funded with prop firm’s capital is the usual goal. However, before gaining access to funded trading capital, a trader typically has to undergo a difficult challenge, often times resulting in a failure and forfeiture of their challenge registration fees. But that is before understanding services that AscendFX provides, which implements a unique, proprietary bot to guarantee you a pass for your prop firm challenge. 

Understanding the Challenge: At AscendFX, our Prop Firm Passing Service basically guarantees you funding across any of the pre-approved firms. This firms are:

  • Nova Funding
  • KortanaFX
  • Quantec Trading Capital
  • Infinity Forex Funds
  • Limitless Funds
  • Social Trading Club Funding
  • MSolutions
  • Fast Forex Funding
  • Pro Trade Funded
  • Sure Leverage
  • Genesis Forex Funds
  • Only Funds
  • Next Step Funded

You can choose from the various firms above, each with their own rules and maximum allocations. We encourage our clients to do their own due diligence and research on which firm suit them best.

But that's the easy part. The hard part is getting across their challenge phase, we is usually targeted at creating a hurdle for traders to fail and forfeit their challenge fees. Tackling challenges created by these firms are no easy feat, and that's where AscendFX comes in. 

With our unique, 100% GUARANTEED HFT Passing Service, we basically guarantee you the funding by passing your challenge within the same day. This is done through our proprietary HFT bot, which utilises high-frequency trading to take advantage of the inefficiencies and spreads only found in demo trading conditions - the very backbone of where such prop firms hold their challenges on.

If you are ever wondering how you can expand your AUM to potentially maximize the profits you can earn with your trading, then look no further. 

AscendFX stands at the forefront amongst other prop firm passing services, offering a unique 100% Guaranteed HFT Prop Firm Passing Service. We specialize in helping aspiring traders secure funding through our guaranteed prop firm passing service, encompassing both Phase 1 and Phase 2 challenges. With a track record of funding over 100 clients, AscendFX prides itself on a rigorous yet supportive approach to trader development. Our services are designed not just to pass traders through the prop firm hurdles but to cultivate their skills for long-term success in the trading arena.

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